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For the love of life

Have you ever found yourself sitting in the middle of 2 strangers on a plane holding back the tears to a really sad movie? Holding in the sobs, hoping that no one is looking at you as you dab the tears from? Well that was me this Friday afternoon, all dressed up in my power suit, looking all Corporate and professional, holding back the sobs sinking deep into my seat hoping that no one was looking my way.

The movie that I was watching that put me in this embarrassing situation was called Me before you. Based on the novel written by Jojo Moyes, the movie is about a quirky young girl who becomes a caregiver for a young man who was paralyzed in a freak accident. Without giving away too much of the story line (because I would recommend that you watch the movie), it is a really nice love story that will get you thinking about the love(s) in your life not only with other people but with life itself.

This brings me to this week’s topic – the top 10 things that you love most in life. The things that put a smile on your face, the things that warm your heart, the things that you would not want to live without. This week I am sharing my top 10 list. This exercise was a lot of fun and would encourage all of you to sit down and draft up your list. Start by just writing anything and everything down; once you have exhausted all ideas on paper, then start to rank them – before you know it, you’ll have your top 10 list and a big smile on your face from thinking all things positive.

  1. Morning snuggles from my toddler girl, her caresses on my face, the hugs and kisses as she tells me that its wake up time

  2. The sound of the front door opening and my husband coming home after being away from a business trip

  3. Lying on the beach in the early evening as the sun is getting ready to set, listening to the waves of the ocean

  4. The feeling after a super hard workout, muscles aching, sweat dripping and blood flowing.

  5. A super-hot shower, the hotter the better

  6. Red wine

  7. Coffee

  8. The feeling of fresh bed sheets

  9. Peanut butter

  10. Teaching BODYPUMP

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