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Pursuing your Dreams

I read a blog this past week about why you should pursue your dreams and not care about what the naysayers have to say. If I’m completely honest with myself and you, I am at fault of putting my dreams on the back burner for a slew of many different reasons. Let’s take for example my dream to be a published author; why the heck has it taken me over 5 years to write half of my book? Why do I continuously make excuses for myself of not having enough time? One would argue that if I were that passionate about the dream, then I would make the time. Time – now that my friend’s is where the truth lies.

I have read many articles and blogs about pursuing dreams and taking crazy leaps in life to pursue those dreams. The underlying message is always that one must take the leap, be courageous, have belief, and quit their corporate job – in order to dive deep into manifesting their dreams into realities. But quite honestly, I find this a hard pill to swallow. Yes, if I wanted to complete my book in a year, then absolutely, that would be the way to go. But whose kidding who – I have a mortgage and bills to pay, a toddler that needs my attention, fitness classes that need prepping for, daily workouts to complete, and oh did I forget to mention a Corporate Job that requires me to do my job and do it well?

So while I may not agree with many people’s idea of how to pursue a dream, I do believe that what’s most important is that you start your journey. Regardless of how long it will take you to accomplish certain things, start them and be consistent with your progress. Keep chipping away and know that if you continue to take small steps (if that is all your life affords you to take) progress will be made and dreams will be realized.

Speaking from personal experience, many moons ago, I had a dream to pursue being a fitness instructor. After the initial hurdle of self-doubt, which lasted a few years, I finally signed up to the fitness instructor’s certification course. A course that many people complete in a month or two, took me almost the full 6 months allowed. Why? Well, for me at the time, life only allowed me to take little steps not sprint. The point I’m trying to get across here is that regardless how long things take you (within a reasonable amount of time), keep going and see them to the end. Recognize your life’s time allowances, and set a plan to work within your time box. Don’t get hung up on the pace, stay focused on the finish. Although I know it’s taken me a very long time to come to the half way point in my book, I know that I

will finish it because I continue to make progress as small as it that progress may be, it’s what my life allows for right now.

So where are you with your dreams? Have you taken the first steps? Or are you still contemplating the move forward? At the end of it all, we all know one truth and that is that the only thing that will STOP us from pursuing a dream is ourselves.


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