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The unspoken energy

One of the most rewarding aspects of having become a Fitness instructor has been developing friendships with my members that have extended beyond the fitness studio. I teach a Saturday morning BODYPUMP class that is comprised of a phenomenal group of ladies who show up every Saturday and give it their absolute all. BODYPUMP is a hard discipline as it is composed of one hour of over 800 repitions, it requires a mental state of determination and pure willingness to push ones self-outside of their comfort levels. The power of group fitness is undeniable. I see it in my classes, when my studio is full the energy is electric, it’s energy that one cannot express in words. It is this energy that I believe allows each member to push a little harder, to work a little harder and to most importantly feel that they can conquer or overcome anything that life is throwing at them; these benefits, in my opinion, extend far beyond the walls of the studio.

Recently, one of my members – a friend, suffered a great loss; she lost her best friend, her husband. It was a sudden and unfortunate passing that happened far too early in life. The passing of her husband touched me deeply and really got me to thinking about the preciousness of our lives, our immortality, and the simple fact that within days our life as we know it can be turned upside down. I can’t even imagine the grief and sadness that she and her son must be facing. I thought of my family and myself and truly I could not imagine what it would feel like to all of a sudden lose my soul mate and best friend.

So how does one get through something like this? How does one wake up and get on with a life that is not a familiar one anymore? For my friend, it was to find the familiarities in this new world of unfamiliarities by coming back to class. A class where she can stand in the same spot that she is familiar with, amongst faces that she is familiar with and most importantly surrounded by an energy of strength of positivity that I believe she knew was there to help her through this very difficult time. I applaud my friend for coming back to a place where she is welcomed, where she can spend an hour focussed on her and her health and continue to do what she loves to do.

The power of fitness and exercise is boundless. Fitness can have so many different meanings for so many different people, it can give strength, it can help build confidence, it can help you forget the stresses of life. I know I sound like a broken record, and that’s OK; fitness is powerful and for those who have not yet found their way to fitness I believe that they are missing something so powerful in their lives. I love quoting a section of a creed that I learned in a BootCamp that I used to participate in years ago when I was just getting into fitness myself: “For those that challenge themselves, life has a flavor that the unwilling will never know”.

I dedicate this week’s blog to an exceptional member, a lovely woman with a heart of gold. May you continue to live your life doing the things you love to do, as I’m sure it places a smile on your husband’s soul as he watches down upon you.

Lets take the time to hug our loved ones this week, make them smile and share a laugh together.


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