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What drives you?

What are your drivers? Everything we do from as simple as getting out of bed to going to work, to concocting up crazy goals for our selves either professionally or personally, everything we do has a driving force behind it. Without the driver, there is no forward movement.

For me, my drive to set physical goals is to remain in the best physical shape possible to live a healthy and happy life and be ready should I ever have to face the big ‘C’ (cancer) again. My drive to remain fit, is life itself – I love living and I want to live for as long and as healthy as I can.

My drive to share my story with the world is fuelled by my passion to help others, to want to provide inspiration to people’s lives when they are faced with hardship or self-doubt. I’m scared as heck that I may finish my book one day and realise that no one has interest in reading it; but my fear is outweighed by knowing that even if 1 person reads the book and finds solace in my words then I have succeeded.

I am a firm believer in goal setting. I wholeheartedly believe that setting goals for oneself helps to drive growth and development and along the way, learn so much about ourselves.

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of hearing Mylene Paquette speak; Mylene is the first person from the Americas to successfully row solo across the North Atlantic Ocean. Mylene’s story and journey is incredible, but what resonated with me the most was not the feat itself but the driver behind the endeavour. Mylene shared that it was after having a conversation with a very ill child at the hospital that she worked at that pushed her to move forward with her adventure. Mylene was challenged by this child to face her own fears head on – ‘to walk the talk’ and that is exactly what she did.

My challenge to you this week is to think about what your drivers are – what gets you moving? Are your goals moving forward? If not, perhaps you have not found the right driver yet.

Have I peaked your interest? Even if I have not..... Here is a great TED talk from the amazing Tony Robins on “why we do what we do”

Have a great week!


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