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We’ve all had them – those days where nothing seems to be going right, where you say to yourself “am I on candid camera”? .. OR “am I seriously getting punked today”?

Last Thursday I had one of those days. It started the night before, my 2 year old daughter

and I went to battle. It was one of those full moon kind of nights when she we was refusing to sleep and testing my patience beyond my limits. Luch was travelling last week so I was on my own to fight this battle and man when it was done, I was tired and worn out! The next morning, having not had the best sleep and still feeling cranky about the previous night’s occurrences, I was already in a less then par state of mind. My 2 foot old warrior decided to take me down while I was still weak and have a complete melt down as I dropped her off at daycare because she did not have her purple shoes on: “MAMA – PURPLE NO PINK!!!!”. My inner voice was saying “you freaking let me put the pink ones on you at the house and guess what if you had slept last night you probably would not care that you have pink shoes on”… Outside voice said “Sweetheart, your purple shoes are waiting for you at home and you will see them tonight”.

After regrouping in my car from the meltdown of the century, I made my way to a Starbucks drive through before heading downtown to a convention centre to set up a booth that I would be working at on the weekend. I had it blocked off in my very jam packed work calendar that I would set up the booth from 9am-11am and then head back into my home office to get some work done. That morning I decided to indulge and order a soy milk late. Recently I’ve been making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of soy intake, but I really do enjoy the taste of it, so I ordered a latte. As I approached the window, my phone rang, It was a number that I did not recognise. I politely said hello to a screaming lady on the other line “I’m here at dock 8” – what? Who? She proceeded to tell me she was a courier driver and she was at dock 8 of the convention centre. Again – Inside voice “and you are calling me why?” outside voice – “hello Mam, how can I help you? Miss. Courier on the other line was freaking out about one of the packages being over 75lbs (my booth which I was on my way to assemble) and how she is not allowed to move it off the truck and needed me there to do it. Yes, you can imagine what I’m thinking – and yes you are spot on with your thoughts. After talking down the raging woman on the other line and coached her on how to get some help to unload her truck, my package was safely on a skid being taken to my booth.

In all of the commotion of my phone call, I did not get a chance to sip my coffee until I was almost at the entrance to the highway, when I finally sipped my coffee, I was distraught to realise that it was a black coffee and not my soy latte! – I know serious first world problems!. My mood was just getting better by the second – NOT. I turned my car around, drove back to the Starbucks, parked my car, went inside and explained what happened hoping that I might get some sort of sympathy grin or at least a fake apology from the girl that gave me the wrong coffee, but instead I got a snippy “well I tried to warn you but you were distracted on your phone” Distracted?? Seriously – did she just say that to me… I was freaking working!

I finally made my way to the convention centre and found my booth and realised that it was in a large container all packaged up in pieces with no instructions to be found. How in the world was I going to figure this out? A 10X10 steel structured booth with lighting that needed to be ensemble (in a 2 hour window that I allotted myself) without instructions. To make a very long story short – after coming to the realisation that it may be dinner time before I figure this out I decided to do what any smart girl in my situation would do - Pay someone.

As I drove home I reflected upon the previous evening and that morning’s events and talked myself out of this sour mood that I was in. No word of a lie, I said to myself, Lina, you are healthy, you have a loving family, you have wonderful friends – you have everything you need why are you getting so upset over the silliest things?

It’s really easy to sweat the small things in life, especially when they start to happen consecutively in the span of 12 hours. We are all human and it’s going to happen, no one is perfect or immune from getting into a bad mood over silliness – what’s important is that we can recognise that its happening and being able to snap out of it. In the grand scheme of things, what happened to me Wednesday night and Thursday morning was nothing terrible, just annoying and probably if I had slept that Wednesday night instead of battling with my toddler, my Thursday morning would not have affected me half as much as it did.

If anything, I hope my blog shed some laughter unto you as you read through it, but more importantly it makes you think twice the next time you can feel your blood start to get hot or your mood starting to turn over really what is truly nothing worth stressing over.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!


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