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This past weekend, most of the world celebrated and spoke the universal language of Love. For me, Valentines Day is not just a day to reflect upon the love I have for my husband, its also a time to reflect upon the other loves in my life; why just stop at significant others? I celebrated the love for my daughter Liana and spent time with good friends that I cherish dearly.

For me there are so many things that I love to do: working out, sipping on a nice tea with honey, going to a cafe, taking an afternoon nap – I could on and on. This got me thinking even more. I started to reflect upon things that I used to love to do but have not done lately for one reason or another. In particular, I used to love running, every spring I would train for a 10k to start and then 1-2 ½ marathons per summer.

When I was pregnant, I broke my foot and that was pretty much the last time I really ran consistently. Over the past few years I’ve focussed more on my weight training and lost my way from running. This year, I hope to regain that love for running, the love of the post-run high, the love of nodding to runners as they pass me by on the boardwalk, the love of being by myself with my thoughts.

I went out today for that first run, it was a mighty cold one at -5 (feeling more like -10 by the lake), but it was fantastic in so many ways. I waved to strangers as they ran by, I listened to great music and I enjoyed every breath I took cherishing the fact that I could be outside doing what I was doing.

I hope that this past weekend, you celebrated love with your loved ones as I did. I hope this week you find the time to reflect up the things that you love to do and make the time to do them; even more, I hope that you reflect upon the things that you once loved but have drifted away from you.

So what do you say? Let’s challenge ourselves and our loved ones to get out there and do the things we love to (or loved) do. Here is to an awesome week ahead!


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