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What if?

Happy Monday! As most of you gear up for another week at work, go about your usual routines, I challenge you to think about what if this usual routine was stripped away from you in the blink of an eye? How would you feel about yourself? Would you have wished you did anything different? Would you have said anything differently to anyone?

Today I am sharing with you a very short yet powerful TED talk from Ric Eiias, a survivor from the plane that crashed in the Hudson River in 2009. Ric shares the 3 things that he learned from his experience and how it has transformed his outlook on life.

One of my preferred social platforms is TED talks, an audio and video podcasts series which the best of are released online. Originating in 1984, TED has quite a history and over the past 30 years has evolved into a non-profit organization aimed at spreading ideas and gaining a deeper understanding of the world we live in. It is in this world of connectivity that we are so fortunate to learn and grow from others; I believe a key success factor for personal growth is to seek inspiration and wisdom from others. I look forward to sharing with you some of my favorite TED talks and I hope you find them to be as powerful as I do.

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