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Lina Miranda



At the tender age of 21, I was faced with the toughest DNA moment of my life, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer and given a 20% chance of surviving 5 years, which resulted in a surgery to remove 2/3rds of my stomach 6 months of chemo and 25 days of radiation. My weight dropped drastically and my mental and physical strength were nowhere to be found.  


Post-surgery, I realized that I had to turn my life around in order to avoid relapse at all costs and in order to give myself the best possible chance to be part of the 20%.  I turned to fitness, nutrition, and good habits to make myself as strong as I possibly could be  in order to never have to go through the nightmare that I was living.  Little did I know that through fitness, nutrition, and good habits not only would I become part of the 20% but I was in the midst of transforming my life in the most positive way I could have ever imagined. 



A DNA moment is an experience or collection of experiences that get filed away into your psyche and define who you are today.  They help to shape your personality, how you make decisions, and how you chose to live your life.  They could be major experiences such as marriage, becoming a parent, the loss of someone we love, having to face your own mortality (such as it was my case when I went through cancer), or simpler things such as making or missing a big shot at a sporting activity, or having a great or poor performance in front of people, or simply meeting someone that challenges or reinforces your beliefs.


Unlike our physical DNA which we get from our gene pool and will determine our physical makeup, DNA moments are collected throughout your lifetime and it is how you deal with these moments and how you use their teachings that will shape your personality and define who you are.  The beauty of these moments is that although you cannot control the DNA moment itself, you can control how you perceive the moment and what you learn from it.  You have the power to use the DNA moments to positively form a better version of yourself, a you that you can be proud of and that does not stop you from doing the things you want to do.


DNA Moments was published on June 21st 2018, 17 years to the date of Lina's surgery.  The book (print and e-book) can be purchased on line through most on-line book ordering channels.


Lina Miranda

There are many definitions to the word fitness, for me, I define it as the condition of being mentally and physically strong to survive and overcome the obstacles of life.  When I am asked by others what I am training for my response is always "I'm training for life"


Our bodies depend on ourselves to fuel it. You can't expect your body to run at top performance if you are not eating a well balanced diet. Feed it garbage and you'll get that in return. Feed it properly and you'll get optimal mental and physical performance.


Good or bad, we all have them. The key to becoming a better you is to acknowledge that the bad ones exist and create a plan to fix or eliminate them while at the same time strengthen the good ones and create new good ones too.


I once read somewhere that you are the average of your 5 closest friends.  Surround yourself with people that make you feel good, that motivate you and push you to become the better you.  


Lina Miranda



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Lina Miranda

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