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This year I have been honored with becoming a Reebok Ambassador along with 5 other strong and incredible Canadian women. As an ambassador, I have been given the vehicle to share my story, my fight with cancer, my love for fitness and how through exercise I found the mental and physical strength to fight my battle and how 15 years later it continues to allow me to be the best that I can be.

This past week Reebok launched a new campaign, #honoryourdays. This amazing campaign challenges each and everyone one of us to be the best we can be, to live our lives to the fullest and to ultimately honor the body that we have been given. You can visit the site, link in video to watch the commercial (which will for sure give you goose bumps) and to calculate how many days you have left in your wonderful life.

I don’t know about all of you, but I have a pretty hefty list of things that I want to accomplish in my life. Its not a bucket list – bucket lists to me are associated with actions that you check off and may or may not repeat depending on how you liked the action. There are definitely “bucket list” type of things on my life’s list, but there are also much greater and meaningful items on there too. For example, running a full marathon is on my list, but so is being the best role model to my daughter that I can be. One of my deeper and more meaningful items on my list is to inspire and help others overcome challenges in their life, through sharing my experience with fighting cancer and finding strength through fitness. On a micro level, I am fortunate to do this weekly when I step on stage and teach my BODYPUMP classes to my amazing members. I feel the utmost gratitude when I see my members working hard week after week and allowing me the opportunity to be part of their lives. To be part of their ups and downs, gains and losses, I am the fortunate one to be part of many people’s journeys and for that I am forever grateful. On a more macro level, I hope that one day, (once I finally complete my book), I will have the opportunity to reach a much larger audience and provide some inspiration for those who need that extra little motivation to overcome one of life’s many hurdles.

Regardless of the magnitude of the items on my “life list”, I am reminded of my mantra in life; that I must continue to “train for life”. I vividly remember promising myself 15 years ago, when I was fighting for my life that I would do everything in my power moving forward to cherish my body, to ensure that I could face anything that life threw at me with the utmost strength (physical and mental), to ensure that I would continue to “train for life” regardless of how tired, overworked, or busy I knew I would be.

My ask for everyone this week is that you share this blog with your circle of friends and family– challenge the people that you love the most to challenge themselves to reflect upon their lives, calculate their days remaining and make a promise to themselves on how they want to live the rest of their days, to honor their body, to give thanks to greatest gift of all.

Have a wonderful week!


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